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What is alcohol intoxication
Alcohol poisoning treatment | Alcohol overdose treatment


The Suspicion ( Best Story )

Amla was unable to thinkwhat to do, she looked into the mirror and found the drops of sweat of her face, which indicated her nervousness. She then wiped them clean, and swallowed. After thinking a while, she loosened her dress and let it fall on the floor, and then, she opened the wardrobe, with the shaking hands, she thoughtfully took out her trasparent maxi, and put on, After it, she again came before the mirror to see her self. her bosom was dimly visible behind her maxi, and it was enough to arouse lust in the eyes of an on-looker. having put lipstick, she once again examined herself and entered the drawing room smilingly. Mr. Malhotra was still drinking, and his eyes had turned rosy due to the effect of wine. He was also stammering because of excessive intoxication. He spread his hand which Amla took in hers, but she resisted his forceful pulling with the intention on bringing her in his lap, and sat just apposite to him

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What is Alcohol Intoxication ?
Alcohol intoxication, also known as the drug of addiction or alcohol poisoning, is the negative behavior and physical impact Reasons to drink alcohol recently

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Alcohol poisoning treatment | Alcohol overdose treatment
Alcohol poisoning is an important medical condition. Immediate treatment is required if there is a doubt. Alcohol poisoning requires immediate medical attention, Can be deadly..
Requires urgent medical treatment. Before the ambulance arrives, the following help should be given

1.. Try to keep the person awake
2.. Do not let them run
3.. Try to keep them in a sitting position, do not lie down - if they lie down, then put their heads in the side

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