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Type Of Cancer Cancer Causes . Cancer Foundation | National Cancer Foundation, What is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cell growth increases with the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body - Cancer Foundation

The Suspicion ( Best Story )

The next day, she telephoned me, and I consoled her saying that everything could be okey soon. Additionally, I advised her to accept his suggestion carefully, because I wanted to make him feel his guilt before me. At first, she hesitated, but my pressure compelled her to go ahead. Once she told me that without your permission shw would do nothing. But, I did not allow her to do so. I had promised her that nothing would affect her conjugal happines."
Hearing it, he began to look blank, He remembered the day, after the party when he was called by Mr. Malhotra.
"Yes, sir !" said he politely.
"Mr. Raman, you don't pay attention to your work well. Some files are still untouched," said he showing his annoyance.
"I'll complete, soon," was his replied Raman.
"You only tell it. I think I'll have to think about it is another way. By the way, go and complete your work."
"Mr. Raman !" said Mrs. Malhotra when she found him still, and overwhelmed with the expression of remorse.
"Yes !"
"Why did you not control your patience for some time more, on that day ? I was on the way to your house."
"Actually, I love her very much. I could't control my self when I saw her tacherous activities. I wish she could tell me before. " "That day, my husband reahed your house thinking that Amla was in his clutch completely. He had wine with him. amla telephoned me, and I suggested her to do all those things, which we had alread designed.
Raman wanted to tell her something, but could not, because at the same moment, a policeman came and told him that time had been up, so they must stop talking.

--- To be continued --->

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Cancer | Cancer Foundation | National Cancer Foundation

What is Cancer?
Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cell growth increases with the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body
Most 90-95% of cancers are due to genetic mutation from environmental factors.

1. Infection - Oncovarius (viruses that can cause cancer) include human papillomavirus (cervical cancer) -- Viruses are a common contagious agent that causes cancer, but cancer bacteria and parasites can also play a role.
2. Chemicals -- For example, tobacco smoke causes 90% of lung cancer. -- Tobacco is responsible for one in five deaths worldwide.
3. Hormones - Hormones are important agents in sex cancers, such as breast cancer, endometrium, prostate, ovaries and testes and thyroid cancer and bone cancer.
3. Diet and exercise -- Certain foods are associated with specific cancers. A high salt diet is associated with gastric cancers. Aflatoxin B1, a continuous food contaminated substance, causes liver cancer. Chewing betel nut can lead to oral cancer. -- For example, gastric cancer is more common in Japan due to its high-salt diet. While colon cancer is more common in the United States
4. Physical agents - Some substances cause cancer primarily through its physical rather than the effects of chemicals. A major example of this is long-term contact for asbestos, naturally occurring mineral fibers which are a major cause of mesothelioma
5. Radiation - 10% of invasive cancer relate to radiation exposure, including both ionized radiation and non-ionization ultraviolet radiation
6. Autoimmune diseases - There is a connection between celiac disease and the increased risk of all cancers.
7. Heredity - Most cancers are non-hereditary (sporadic). Hereditary cancer is mainly due to hereditary genetic defects

Cancer Foundation - Prevent Cancer Foundation
Prevent Cancer Foundation (PCF) (formerly the Cancer Research Foundation of America or the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation) is a United States-based charity
Cancer Foundation Work
For those involved in PCF cancer, the U.S. Organizes a professional conference around He has more than 430 peer-reviewed research projects in 39 states and nationwide funding in more than 150 leading research institutes in Canada; At the same time, raising awareness of cancer and educating the public about it, although distributing the material, working with the media
National Cancer Foundation
National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1973 It provides funds to cancer scientists and researchers, with the ultimate National Foundation goal of a cure for cancer.
We fund the best and brightest cancer researchers in the world, making them capable of finding and succeeding for the most innovative and effective cancer treatment methods of today.

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Type Of Cancer Cancer Causes . Cancer Foundation | National Cancer Foundation, What is Cancer? Cancer
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