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How many people are deathes per year in United States ? What is Alcohol Intoxication ? Treatment ?

Alcohol intoxication is very common United States, there are about 2,200 deaths per year, indirectly more than 30,000 Immediate treatment if there is a doubt

Prince Publishers - 28- Jan - 2019

The Suspicion ( Best Story )

"You're beautiful, and I like you. Your husband's promotion is sure", said he in broken sentence. But Amla said nothing. She only smiled, and began to pour wine into his glass.
"I don't to drink more," objected he shaking his hand," I want only your nearness, only ..
"Okey ! Wait a minute, Please take the last glass" she urged.
He smiled and took the glass in his hand and then, with delightful expression of his eyes, drank it in one breath
In a few seconds, after that, Mr. Malhotra was unconscious. She anyhow heard the knocking on the door. Her eyes shone brightl, Just then, she wen to open it. But ... The moment, she opened it, she screamed and moved face, and mad her unable to utter a word.
"What happened Amla ? " asked Raman, surprised.
" No ! N-o-th-ing !

--- To be continued --->

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What is Alcohol Intoxication ?

Alcohol intoxication is very common, especially in the Western world. Most of the people who drink alcohol have at some point been intoxicated.

In the United States, there are about 2,200 deaths per year, And indirectly there are more than 30,000 deaths per year.

Acute drug abuse has been documented throughout history and alcohol remains one of the most comprehensive recreational drugs in the world.
Some religions consider alcohol intoxication as sin

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Alcohol poisoning treatment | Alcohol overdose treatment
Alcohol poisoning is an important medical condition. Immediate treatment is required if there is a doubt. Alcohol poisoning requires immediate medical attention, Can be deadly.. Requires urgent medical treatment. If a person has the idea of having alcohol poisoning, then an ambulance should be called. Before the ambulance arrives, the following help should be given:

1.. Try to keep the person awake
2.. Do not let them run
3.. Try to keep them in a sitting position, do not lie down - if they lie down, then put their heads in the side
4.. Do not lie on their back
5.. If they can take it, then give them water
6.. Do not give them coffee; Caffeine dehydration will worsen
7.. If the person is unconscious, keep him in a recovery condition and check that he is breathing
8.. Do not give them any alcohol to drink

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Alcohol overdose treatment Requires urgent medical treatment?
How many people are deathes per year in United States?
Do you know Intoxication Signs And Symptoms?
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